I’m back!!! New content coming to you weekly :)

Hey everyone!

It has been WAY too long, so again I apologize for the temporary hiatus that I had to take due to some personal familial matters and than with the busy-iness of graduating from dental school (yay!! Officially Dr. :)) and moving my fiance out to Chicago. To just share with you guys a little bit about what’s going on, my fiance matched in Chicago for a pediatric dental residency (my hometown), while I matched and will be remaining in Boston for my orthodontic residency (his hometown). How ironic right? In the past week, we’ve done a shopping overhaul and since graduation have been packing, moving, and building furniture for his new place so I’ve had to put my blogging life on hold but will be back at it finally. For right now, I won’t be able to make any video posts as I’m in Chicago without my DSLR 🙁 but will be blogging as much as I can. I plan to keep posting more on the regular now, especially while heading into a long distance relationship and planning for a wedding, I’ll have so much time and new content with you guys so stay tuned!!!

Some photos to share the past month of my life with you all, hope you enjoy!


Senior Dinner – countdown to dental graduation! Dress: nordstrom rack <3 Hair: waterfall braid


Receiving OKU awards, t-minus 2 days till graduation! Dress: nordstrom rack (again!) Shoes: BCBG


Dress: 40% from the Express outlet store 🙂


Finally graduating today!!! Meet the new doctors <3


Meet the doctors <3 We’re finally dentists!!


Trip to Newport, RI


Hazel doesn’t want to leave Newport!



Found our wedding venue (The Oceancliff Newport, RI)


Cheers to our future wedding!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and follow me for more updates!



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