Oh so LUSH-ious

One of my favorite lines of hair care and body products is from the store LUSH. Walking into their shop on Newbury Street (Boston, MA – it just moved locations though 🙁 ) I always get a fragrance overload of all their aromatic products (which can be a bit too much).  Not only are their employees super friendly and knowledgeable, but they are also so willing to let you try out just about any product before taking it home.  I constantly like to go in just to see what’s new and what I might be missing out on. They also can put together some amazing gift baskets based on your desired spending limit for an upcoming birthday or event! As of right now, I’m obsessed with trying their hair products.

My hair is: thick, long, loves to static
After a few trial and errors these are my favorite products to shampoo & condition with:

BIG SHAMPOO ($27.95)

– Sea salt: great for removing grease and residues, feels like an exfoliant for your hair
– Volumizing
– Coconut oil makes your hair silky smooth and hydrated
– Adds shine

– $$
– Does not bubble

This shampoo is absolutely amazing, it does exactly what it says in the name, makes your hair BIG! I love the aroma of the sea salt and coconut that smells like I’m on a Caribbean island showering in the sun. Although the price may seem somewhat expensive, this bottle I swear lasts me for months (about 5-6) and I have long and thick hair. A little goes a long way and while it is an adjustment that it doesn’t quite lather and bubble like a normal shampoo, I promise you you’re hair will have never felt cleaner after a shower with BIG!
NOTE: There is a BIG conditioner – it comes in the form of a soap bar. In my personal opinion, I just really was not in love with it as much as the shampoo. It was hard to use, you have to break off piece and rub it into your hands to lather and just did not seem very effective on my hair. The first time I even made the mistake of just trying to rub little pieces of the bar into my hair (oops), but don’t do that you’ll just end up with clumps of soap left in your hair after.

RETREAD ($31.95)02019

– Shines, smooths, and locks in hydration
– Deep conditioning

– $$$
– For long hair, you’ll use it quick

I love this conditioner because it does a great job re-hydrating dry hair.  It’s like a daily moisturizer for your hair that locks in several different oils (avocado, olive, jojoba) without leaving a heavy residue after you wash it out.  It has a smooth creamy consistency that I like to leave in and comb through once I’ve coated my locks. The downside? I definitely run through this a lot faster than my BIG shampoo which is a bummer and with a $30 dollar price tag I have a hard time always buying this to use daily. Instead I suggest using it 1x/week and leave it in for 5 minutes like a leave-in-conditioner, than rinse. This is what I’ve started doing to save myself some $$!

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  1. BeautyByStarlet
    April 19, 2016 at 6:30 pm (2 years ago)

    Oooo I’ll have to try out the Retread!!!! Sounds hydrating! Have you tried Jersey Bounce? It is so similar to The Big, but incorporates egg? I think it is supposed to help with shine as well!! <3 your posts!


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