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I love false eyelashes! Having a great pair to wear can really accentuate your eyes and complete your look.  With all the variety of lashes out there, it is so fun to change up your look from a subtle natural look one day to a voluminous and luscious glam look the next.

Having worn many kinds of lashes and experimented with different brands, here is a quick review on my most recent lash adventures.

FEATURED FAV: Kiss Ever-EZ Lashes Lash Trio ($4.75)

KissTrioMedCbBg                         Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 4.40.10 PM
After years of using single strip lashes, after having my make up done for my sisters wedding I fell in love with lash trios. These little gems are not hard to place once you get the hang of it. Why I love them? Because they give you the most natural look and you can add as many or as little as you see fit for the occasion. Want a dramatic look? Get the longer size and fill your lashes from one end of your eye to the other. For a more natural look place medium lashes on the outside and shorter on the mid-inner corner. The packaging also comes with this handy glue pocket which allows for an easy place to dip your lash into prior to placing on your eye.  I’ve tried expensive and some cheaper and lucky for me these are my favorite since they give me the flexibility to control the way my entire lash line looks.

Ardell Lashes 109 Demi Black (4.99$)products_img_16-2
I use to love the Ardell lashes, specifically the 109 Demi Black for a natural fuller look. They were super easy to apply as a beginner and they helped enhance the volume of my lashes without looking like I was wearing anything extra.  Best part was they were always readily available at CVS or Walgreens and very low cost.

Make Up Forever LASH SHOW – C709 ($18Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 4.30.10 PM.png

These lashes I wore for a photoshoot that I did a while back.  What I loved about them was that I needed a more dramatic setthat could really pump up the volume and look great in photos.  I had to cut them on the edge to fit my eye width, but they stayed on great and were actually reusable if I removed them carefully.  In the photo seen here, and while I never had a good close up, you can see how it helped enhance and bring out my eyes especially from a distance.  It also allowed me to use less make up and still have a dramatic effect!Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 4.27.12 PM




Lilly Lashes 3D Mink Lashes “NYC” ($29.99)
I wanted to LOVE these lashes so much. They are absolutely beautifm_5692bf21f739bcbd1f006bdbul, thick, luscious, and made from mink to give the most “real” lash feel and look.  The NYC pair were voluminous and gave an added extra oomph to your length, but sadly they just didn’t work with my eyes.  These lashes were gorgeous and while $30 is a steep price they are said to be reusable for up to 25 uses when taken care of appropriately.  Unfortunately, I never was able to wear them out because when I tried them on the length was so long when I opened my eye it touched my eyebrow.  These are honestly an amazing lash set and line and I highly suggest checking them out because their quality is superb and they occasionally will have sales, but for my eyes and possibly other Asian girls whose distance from their lid to eyebrow is shorter I’d skip them! I ended up selling them to a girl on my Poshmark who absolutely loved them, so at least they’ve gotten great use by someone if not me!

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